How It Works

Renting your timeshare weeks is easy, you just have to follow a few steps that will show you how to rent out your timeshare rental in Hawaii.  

For Owners:

1) This first step is the most important step.  Contact your resort’s owner service department and book your timeshare dates and secure a confirmation/reservation number.

2) Login to Timeshare Rentals Hawaii and choose Rent My Timeshare and follow the steps to post a rental listing for a specific advertising duration.

3) Once your week has been rented from a guest contact your resort’s owner service department again and add the rental guests names to the existing reservation number.

4) Rentals guests will check in using your confirmation/reservation number on specified rental dates.

5) Timeshare Rentals Hawaii sends your final rental payout 24 hours after the rental guests have securely check in.

For Renters:

1) Once you are on Timeshare Rentals Hawaii, click register in the top right hand corner and create and account.  It’s super easy and will take less than 30 seconds.  Don’t forget to opt-in to the guests Newsletter so you can stay up-to-date with deals, new resorts and travel information.

2) Search for all timeshare rentals available on the island or resort of your choice.

3) Select the rental of your choice and follow the check out process.

4) After checkout, you’ll be redirected to your agreement that you can digitally sign within minutes.  You’ll also receive a confirmation email to confirm your booking details including resort, dates, price,  reservation/confirmation number and any outstanding balance.

5) That’s it, pack your bags and get ready for fun. Check in to the resort on the specified travel dates and the seller/owner will be paid out 24 hours after you have securely checked in.

We hope you like our timeshare rentals made easy post.  Whether you own a timeshare in Hawaii or someone  planning your next dream vacation in Hawaii, these easy to follow instructions will ensure that you are able to quickly list your timeshare or book a timeshare at your favorite Hawaiian luxury resort.